Today, we are the CHURCH.


It has been a wonderful weekend serving along Bayside Church. I signed up as a solo volunteer to help Alternatives Pregnancy Center for their 17th Annual Gala For Life.

Alternatives is a pregnancy clinic for women facing an unplanned pregnancy. They are dedicated to empowering families to build healthy futures.
Alternatives Pregnancy Center

There were probably more than 200 volunteer opportunities offered but it seemed like God was moving me to go volunteer for this one. I have only been living in Roseville for about 4 months now and to be completely honest, I have no means of transportation except for the bicycle I bought a month ago. The event was held at Community Center, Citrus Heights and it was a little farther than I was expecting so I contemplated about going. I took a nap hoping it would make sense when I wake up, then I realized that I have prayed for this opportunity – because in my heart I know God works through our service.

SERVE Day is what happens when we cancel our weekend services and meet the needs of our community.
Bayside Church

I took a cab because I can’t bike let alone walk that far but I got there in one piece, and only got lost once. It was scary going alone and it takes a while getting used to something out of your comfort zone. I’m really glad I volunteered because all the proceeds from the gala is going to Alternatives which I know will end up helping a lot more women than they already do now. It has been honoring to be a part of this movement. I had the most amazing night of spontaneity, grace, love and generosity in one big hall.

I also met three amazing women — Jacquelyn, Sasha and Airiana who became my instant friends since last night. Jacquelyn and Airiana also gave me a ride home even though I was out of way. I gained more than I offered and I also enjoyed watching my first live auction. God is consistent in his promise as I witness Him continuously blessing me with more and more beautiful people who also share the same passion of serving Christ. He is forever faithful.

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.
Mark 10:45



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