Final Update: #ProjectNepal

Last spring 2016, I was invited to participate on this mission trip with a group of students to work with Real Restoration and The Leprosy Mission Hospital. I was excited to go visit a place that Mamta (my bestfriend) has been speaking about since we’ve met. My first goal was to take wonderful photos of the trip and show the world how beautiful Nepal is, not just in stories.

The money needed for the trip was a lot and I almost backed out. It was Mamta that pushed me to soar higher. She has started my #ProjectNepal fundraising. It’s where I take photos in exchange for their kind donations. It was a movement … a revolution. Many have been willing to have their photos taken and be a part of this mission.

Before we started our journey, Mamta was killed in a car accident that shifted our initial plans for the trip. Grief was especially hard to process but with the help of our team, we made it through. This magazine/photo journal is for that purpose, and for our sponsors and the people that helped us all throughout the entire mission trip. It is made in memory of her and I believe that she would be grateful if I shared the experience with everyone.

It’s long overdue, and to be honest, I almost chickened out again because I was afraid that it’s not going to be perfect or people are not going to like it or nobody is interested. It took me a while to find the courage to finally hit the send button and send it to people. But I realized that this is what God intends for me to do, to share his vision through my photographs and make it known. To share the story of Mamta and how she made a huge impact to this world.

This is the final copy and everyone is welcome to view, share and send it to friends.

If you’re interested, just click link to view/download:

====>>>>>>Project Nepal 2017 <<<<<<<====

Have a great day!


All the best,



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