Found Animals Forum: The Human Health Benefits of Pets

Last June 16, 2016, I got the chance to cover a forum hosted by Found Animals Foundation at LA City Hall. I was able to meet the Executive Director of The Michaelson Found Animals Foundation, Aimee Gilbreath, and the following speakers from different organizations who talked about the human health benefits of pets.


Aimee Gilbreath
Executive Director, The Michaelson Found Animals Foundation

Dr. Kevin Morris
Associate Research Professor, University of Denver
Institute for Human-Animal Connection

Dr. Richard Lange
President, Texas Tech  University Health Sciences Center El Paso
Dean, Paul L. Foster School of Medicine

Rory Diamond
Executive Director, K9s for Warriors

Steve Wayland
Program Director, PAWS/LA

Steve Feldman
Executive Director, Human Animal Bond Research Initiative Foundation

I had an amazing time and I have learned a lot about current researches, housing information programs, health benefits of human-animal connection and a whole lot more. Plus I got to meet LA’s Deputy Mayor, Barbara Romero:

It was a wonderful experience and one of the highlights of my summer 2016 in LA.

Copyright © Irish Martos 2016. All rights reserved.


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