Sweet-toothed hopeless romantic

Sweet soft spoken words that tends to make my knees weak
is the best well-known way to kill me.
It takes my hopes sky-high, make my heart pump fast …
yet leave me fall, face flat on the ground.
Words are so easy to give and yet so hard to make it into reality
and I find myself harder to convince not to listen
because I have always been a sweet-tooth.
Like is an understatement of what I feel for candied words,
I love it…
the sweet gestures, sweet talks and yes, sweet nothingness.
Blissfully thinking that somehow the “what if” situation may come true
and that all of these caramelized illusions were to become one bizarre fairy tale.
It just breaks me whenever they end up taking a different direction
because suddenly, it all becomes bitter,
and I end up bland…
then the illusion just becomes tragically surreal.

Poetry by Kay


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